Small terraced house garden lighting project with multiple zones

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Project overview

Beautiful garden lighting isn’t limited to large estates and country homes. This garden lighting project shows that you don’t need a massive expansive space to bring your garden to life.

We kept this lighting scheme very simple as per the clients request, which included basic uplighting of plants and deck spot lights for path lighting. This alone was enough to transform the garden at night!

This project wasn’t completed in conjunction with any landscapers so all ground works and making good was completed by Neo.

This project, on the outskirts of Brighton, is a nice example of how a smaller terraced house can benefit from some well-planned garden lighting.

Looking for something similar at your home? Get in touch with your ideas.

Products we used

Copper wall lights (these will tarnish over time)

Antiglare uplighters – ideal for illuminating along pathways without catching your eye