Smart homes & home automation

Example projects

What is home automation?

Home automation is a relatively new, and very fast-growing industry. It essentially integrates all of the systems you use within your home, from your internal and external lights, to your blinds, CCTV and irrigation systems. Essentially, we can automate your entire property, both indoors and outdoors, to create an enjoyable smart home of the future.

The smart home technology options really are endless, and we love hearing about our customers automation ideas – from the small and easy, to the large and ambitious! Give us a call and tell us about your automation ideas.

Automated lighting

Lighting plays a large role in the world of smart home technology and automation.

Dimming your lights without getting up from the sofa, preset lighting scenes, or having all the lights automatically turn off as you leave the house through geofencing or a ‘last man out’ switch, are all possibilities.

Automated lighting can have an added security factor for people who are often away from their homes too, by creating lighting schedules to give the illusion someone is still within the property.

Automated heating

You’ll never go back once you’ve had a smart heating system installed. We can programme them to work in a way that’s optimised for your personal preferences, so that you never have to hop out of bed and rush to the thermostat and switch on the heating on a cold February morning, or having to wait until you are home to turn your thermostat on.

At a time when energy and heating bills are on the rise, you’ll be glad to know that a  smart heating system is also estimated at saving you between 10-20% on your heating utility bills, as it’s only activated when it’s really needed.

We can supply and fit Nest, Honeywell or Heatmiser -depending on your systems requirements.

Automated schedules

We often get asked if home automation technology can be controlled with use of timers, and the answer, of course, is yes!

A great example use of this technology is having your external driveway lights automatically come on just as dusk sets in, lighting up your property and gardens or pre set timers for your water features, which can be seen on this beautiful property we worked on in West Sussex.

We can also pre-set your blinds and shutters to open in the morning and fill your home with natural light as you wake up and begin your day.

Home sensors

Home sensors act as the eyes of your home, and bring your smart home technology together.

We’ll position sensors in the perfect positions so they’re triggered when there’s motion. These can be used as deterrents for break-ins, to light up your garden for pets and late-night visits to the shed, and so much more. 

Smart phone controllers & apps

The beauty of home automation is the convenience. We can install products which can be controlled directly from your phones. You can lay in bed for a little longer and have your house wake up around you, all at the touch of a few buttons! These can be programmed in advanced, or you can use the controls on the day yourself.

We’re proud to provide our customers with the latest automated and smartphone-controlled experiences. We regularly use Elan for overall home control and either Rako or Lutron for lighting. You can find out more about the controllers we use here.


Why choose NEO?

Ultimately, we want you to experience the benefits of living in a well-automated home, with years of enjoyment from our services and products. Which is why our entire business has been modelled on making that process as seamless & professional as possible.

We also pride ourselves on being extremely respectful and excellent communicators at all times, but above all, we’re easy and transparent to work with. And we’re confident this is why we’ve kept in contact with so many of our customers over the years, many of whom have invited us back with new and exciting home automation ideas.

Smart products we use

Over the years, our time and experience in the automation and smart home industry has enabled us to get up close and personal with a wide range of technology and products from many different brands. Here are some of our favourites:

In our opinion, Rako offer the most sophisticated lighting products in the marketplace.

Heos have created one of the most high-end and luxury sound management systems available today.

Ubiquiti offer the most scalable & highly configurable Wifi product we’ve come across.

Case Study:
A futuristic home in the heart of Sussex

Last year, NEO were invited to a beautiful house and estate in Sussex to design and install a top of the range home, garden and swimming pool home automation solution.