High spec home automation project with bespoke garden lighting

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Oldlands Mill:

Oldlands Mill is a beautiful home in heart of mid-Sussex. It sits on beautiful sprawling countryside, with a number of barns and outbuilding accompanying the beautiful house itself. 

The brief:

The owner Mark, had a very long-term and intricate vision for the property, which which we were able to listen to, understand and bring to life.

He gave us the brief to to turn his traditional house into a modern living space, leveraging the latest home automation technology, all whilst keeping the classical décor of the original building. He also wanted it all to be as energy efficient as possible!

It was a complex challenge that required a high attention to detail, well researched technology and a careful approach to electrical installation and finishing.

Buildings on the estate:

Main house

Guest house

Granary guest house for the windmill

Oak frame swimming + house

Multiple barns & outbuildings

Project summary:

We worked on the ground source heating system, which consists of 23 odd bore holes that effectively heat the various buildings

We also installed a wifi system to link all of the buildings (ubiquiti)

The swimming pool was completed as a new build project in 2016

Barn conversion into car garage

Extensive garden lighting throughout

Multiroom audio (HEOS)

Rako lighting controls

Associated Ground source heat wiring

Irrigation system

A super-wide-reaching wifi network which provides coverage and connectivity to all devices and fittings around the home, garden and pool house

Featuring high-end fittings

A complete table/smart phone management system

The technology we selected:

Rako – Intelligent lighting controls

In our opinion, Rako offer the most sophisticated lighting products in the marketplace. They’re also the most customisable and easy to manage applications, which are available on a wide range of devices including iPhone and Apple watch.

HEOS by Denon – Sound distribution

Heos have created one of the most high-end and luxury sound management systems available today. Perfect for this modern technology home which integrates seamlessly into mobile and voice command systems. The HEOS system we selected, provides sound and audio through the home and outside spaces.

Ubiquiti – Wifi distribution

Ubiquiti is the most scalable Wifi product we have worked with due to how highly configurable and flexible it is. It will also allow this home owner to carry on expanding his networking of lighting, AV and heating, without ever having to replace the Wifi distribution system.


We fitted high-end marine grade light fittings by Collingwood. They also provide a brilliant 7-year warranty.

Casambi – Lighting modules

Our first choice for controlling and automating lighting around the home. Casambi provides the home with timers and controls for managing when and how lighting comes on and off. The solution is 100% wireless, which, in addition to saving on cost and improving appearance, it removed the need to do additional work, such as excavating the home owner’s drive way to fit lights and sensors outside the house.

Hager and MEM – Power distribution

MEM fuses and Hager surge protection offer this home the most robust and safest solution on the marketplace for a home and network of this size. These power distribution products will provide a long-lasting and reliable infrastructure for many years to come.

The end result:

Working alongside a team of contractors who were making other improvements to the property, we planned and installed new lighting, audio visual and Wifi distribution through the whole house and grounds. Based upon the brief and needs of the client, we selected the very best technology for fittings, control devices and software solutions for the property. There is also a reliable and scalable infrastructure in place, which will enable the home owner to carry on expanding his Smart Home for years to come.

Being an older house, which is both grade 2 listed and vast in size, we naturally had some challenges along the way. We had to convert every light fitting in the house garden to the latest LED fittings for example, using the most energy efficient products and methodologies available, as well extending the lighting and AV network into the outside swimming pool building. 

Despite the challenges, we’re pleased to say that the end result is a truly modern and future-ready home, which still looks and feels like a traditional Sussex country house.

What the client had to say:

The client was really happy with our work throughout this project and the overall end result. As with every job we undertake, attention to detail was prioritised and we were naturally willing to innovative and go the extra mile.

Our knowledge of the products available on the marketplace, and the optimal compatibility and integrations between those products, allowed the home owner to have full-trust in our ability to create the home he wanted.

“I have used a number of electrical contractors over the years, and I have without doubt received a more professional service & better value from NEO. In the electrical industry there are always new products and technologies coming onto the market that are more energy efficient, safer and user friendly. From the many conversations, I have had with Alex and George at NEO, I know they spend a good deal of their time on research.”