1 bed smart home apartment in Brighton & Hove

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Project summary:

One of our flagship smart home conversions of 2021, is this 1 bed apartment in Hove, which has more home automation technology than most countryside estates!

The clients brief was to create an energy efficient home with as many automated aspects as possible. With this property going through a complete renovation it gave us the perfect opportunity to implement a full home automation system from the get go.

It starts by being able to use your smart phone to open the front door to the property in the event of losing keys or to remotely open the property for anyone needing access.

We implemented a multi-room audio system using Sonos ports, giving us the versatility to use Gallo acoustics within the Sonos interface as per the clients preference. By adding multiple audio sources the client could use the mutli-room sound installation for the TV and DJ setup, as well as Spotify playlists.

Heating installation

We also used Heatmiser controls to create heating schedules that won’t activate unless someone is within the property or on their way home, to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

What was included?

Complete rewire of property

Full security system with remote access

Wifi system

Gallo speakers

Multi-room audio across 4 zones

Rako lighting control throughout

RGBW lighting

Elan Control system to manage lighting, heating, security, and sound all from one touch screen